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Dunearn 386 Condo

Project NameDunearn 386 (Former Dunearn Court)
Address386 Dunearn Road Singapore 289599
Showflat LocationDunearn Road (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+659888-8896
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$ psf (Click here for more)
DescriptionDunearn 386, former Dunearn Court, a new condo redeveloped by Roxy-Pacific Holdings unit, RH Central will be launched in 2018/19. Official information like project launch, details, floor plans and showflat appointments can be found at https://www.dunearn386.com
Land Area19,203 sq ft

A Little History On How Dunearn Court Being Enbloc By Roxy, Becoming A New Dunearn 386 Condo

In a recent en bloc sale, Dunearn 386 Condo has been bought by Roxy-Pacific unit at S$36.3m. this comes after the Dunearn 386 residential site off Dunearn Road in Bukit Timah was put up for collective sale by tender. The 19, 203 sq. ft site that is zoned residential featuring a gross profit ration of around 1.4 is now under the ownership of Roxy-Pacific Holdings.

Dunearn 386 Condo is a freehold residential site found in the prime district 11 of Singapore. The site houses one residential block that features 12 housing units occupying a land size of 1,784 sqm. According to the URA Master Plan 2014, this site is zoned as a residential.

Following the purchase of Dunearn 386 Condo, each owner of the units is set to receive between $2.91 million and $3.12 million which translates to around $2, 004 – $2,140 psf once the deal is sealed. Upon completion, Dunearn 386 Condo site is projected to yield 35 housing units measuring 70 sq each.

The surrounding areas of Dunearn 386 Bukit Timah is predominantly residential comprising of condo developments and landed housing. Dunearn 386 condo is also in the midst of established schools such as National Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Primary and Girls’ High School all located within a 1km radius from Dunearn 386.

Furthermore, the Dunearn 386 Roxy site is well situated less than 500 meters away from Botanic Garden MRT and Tan Kah Kee MRT Station. This allows the Dunearn condo site to enjoy easy accessibility to the entire neighbourhood.

According to the news, the acquisition of Dunearn 386 Condo site will be financed using bank borrowing and the internal funds. Although the price could be high, the acquisition is a strategic move by Roxy-Pacific unit considering that the area displays excellent potential for redevelopment.

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Benefits That Residents of Dunearn 386 Will Enjoy Staying in District 11, Singapore

Bukit Timah nearby properties are suitably situated right at the outskirts of Singapore’s busy CBD packed with various amenities, proximity to the famous Orchard Road shopping belt and a plethora of reputable schools. If you are looking forward to residing in a serene environment, then you will enjoy the quietness that surrounds this area.

In this Dunearn 386 Condo property guide, we will highlight and discuss in details the features of Bukit Timah area and show you why you need to make this place your home too. These include listing the cool things that make this residential area most preferred among homeowners and why you need to act fast to avoid missing this opportunity. It is a place that doesn’t just offer you closeness to city life, the scenic view of nature that it offers is adorable.

Read on to discover what makes Dunearn 386 Condo and the entire Bukit Timah area a treasure among buyers:

Dunearn 386 Bukit Timah Living, Dunearn 386 Facilities and Conveniences
  1. Strategic Location

Bukit Timah is part of the Central Region, and it is located a few distances away from the CBD. This prime area is a favourite among property owners due to its number of condos and luxury bungalows that offer incredible living space to the residents of Singapore. The area benefits from its closeness to Bukit Timah Nature Reserves. The reserve contributes a lot to the high land value of properties in Bukit Timah such as the Dunearn 386 Condo, thanks to its abundant foliage that beautifies the entire area making it stand above the pack in Singapore.

The luxurious area is home to many expatriates and rich Singaporeans who like the convenience that this area of Singapore offers. Bukit Timah also provides a reliable transportation network that is unmatched. It features prominent roads such as the Bukit Timah Road which is 25 km long running from the north through to the south of the island. Unlike other residential areas, Bukit Timah is conveniently located allowing its residents of Dunearn 386 Condo to enjoy easy access to amenities and various facilities which are essential for better living.

  1. Bukit Timah Offers Good Access to Amenities

Dunearn 386 Condo Roxy DiningWhen choosing a property, there are many factors to consider that will determine the ideal community for you. In real estate, among the key factors to consider is access to amenities. These are features that enhance the desirability of living in a particular real estate due to the enjoyment and pleasure that awaits its occupants. The quality of infrastructure has a great influence on the well being of the new occupants.
Today’s leading master-planned residential areas such as Bukit Timah offer you more community amenities like never before. So, if you are considering relocating to a new home community, you might want to consider Dunearn 386 Condo at the heart of Bukit Timah.

The place offers a lifestyle that most buyers are looking for that will benefit them and their families. You definitely want to live in this area to enjoy proximity to good shopping, quality schools and stay near your job. Generally, Bukit Timah doesn’t fall short when it comes to amenities. This means that if you purchase a unit at Dunearn 386 Condo, then you will hardly miss out anything that makes a living in the area more comfortable.

  1. Proximity to Health Care Facilities

Health is a basic need that everyone should be accorded which makes the presence of health care faciltiies quite essential in any prime area. Lucky for the future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo, Bukit Timah has conveniently located health centres where residents can source treatment in just a few minutes drive. This makes the are appropriate for family people with young kids.

The local hospitals within reach from Dunearn 386 Condo will enable the residents to seek medical attention with ease whenever they need without having to cover long distances. There are enough medical centres such as KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National University Hospital among others. There are also different medical practitioners around Bukit Timah to address the medical concerns of the residents if this area.

  1. Access to Prominent Schools

District 11 is well known to have great educational institutions here in Bukit Timah and if you are a parent, then you know how hectic finding a school can be. But, if you make Dunearn 386 Condo your home, then you don’t need to worry since the schools are just situated right at the corner. This means that you won’t need much transportation expenses plus your kids will save a substantial amount of time away from the troublesome traffic problems encountered in other residential places. Besides, the schools offer an excellent education to your kids, and there are more than enough to pick from.

Here is a list of the international and local schools around Dunearn 386 Condo:

  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School
  • National Junior College
  • Raffles Girls’ Primary School
  • Nanyang Primary School
  1. Convenient Shopping Destinations

If you like spending time doing shopping in malls or shopping centres then Bukit Timah has a place for you. Visit Serene Centre, Coronation Shopping Plaza or Cluny Court and pick anything you need. Additionally, there are a number of shops and boutiques scattered across the entire Bukit Timah region. This means that residents of Dunearn 386 Condo will benefit from the good access to these shopping centres ensuring that they don’t run out of supplies.

Still not satisfied? Take a few minutes drives to the nearby Orchard Road Shopping Belt and do some serious shopping. In fact, there are many boutiques to provide you with anything you need. Besides, The Grandstand, a shopping mall suitable for family needs is just a few distances away. Here you will find everything you need ranging from beauty, art, food and fashion. The mall features amazing child-centric stores such as Kiddy Fun, Fidgets, indoor play areas, and Piccolo House.

  1. Excellent Transportation

It’s only 8 min walk from Dunearn 386 Condo to the nearest Botanic Gardens MRT Station!

Various MRT stations are connecting Bukit Timah such as Botanic Gardens, Stevens, Holland Village, Tan Kah Kee, Newton MRT Station, Farrer Road MRT Stations, Buona Vista MRT and the nearby Orchard MRT Stations which makes transportation in the entire Bukit Timah area a breeze. The Various bus services further provide access to significant parts of Singapore. The connectivity is yet to become advance with the completion of the upcoming River Valley, Sungei, Balmoral, Tanglin, Napier, Dempsey, Jelita and Ulu Pandan.

When looking for your next home, the ease of transportation in the region is a crucial factor that you need to consider. While a good transportation network will allow you to easily access your business, workplace and school for your children, poor transportation could mean inconvenience. However, Bukit Timah is characterised by an excellent transportation network that makes moving around the area smooth.

So, whether you own a car or rely on public means of transport, you should consider buying a unit at Dunearn 386 Condo to enjoy great accessibility to the busy CBD and the entire parts of Singapore through the prominent expressways and the major roads present in the area.

  1. Plenty Dining and Chill-Out Spots

While finding a good place to dine or chill-out can be hard in other residential areas, you don’t have to worry as a resident of Dunearn 386 Condo. This is because Bukit Timah offers you exceptional dining options and cool places where you can spend some quality time with your family. A friend’s reunion will also be great in these amazing destinations. You can even surprise your date in any of these beautiful restaurants such as My Little Spanish Place, Corner House, Meat n’ Chill Steak n’ Ribs Restaurant, La Petite Cuisine and more.

Besides, there is plenty of good food to try in Bukit Timah which makes this place suitable for food lovers. The good thing with most restaurants found in this area is that their menu is not limited to certain food. This means that you will hardly miss the food f your choice, but trying new food s quite interesting, and you don’t want to miss. Some of the prominent eateries around Dunearn 386 Condo include Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre and Corner House among others.

  1. Several Kid-Friendly Places

As a responsible parent, you want to give your children the best opportunities and make their childhood experiences more thrilling. Part of ensuring their well-being is making sure they get what they want including exploring different places and spending time with their friends playing. However, with the busy life you lead, it might be hard to get some spare time to spend with your kid. This is why you don’t want to miss any chance that you get including weekends and short holidays to splash your kids with love. Well, the developers of Dunearn 386 Condo had that in mind. It is strategically located to allow you easily access various part of Singapore with kid-friendly destinations.

These charming places provide you with the opportunity to build a bond with your family as you enjoy good food. The good thing is that most of them provide entertainment facilities which mean that your children won’t get bored. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is one of the amazing places you can take your children to enjoy some fresh air in Asia’s first garden for children. Let them play as they learn in the spacious 2-hectare size garden.

Although it is suitable for children aged 5-10 years, there are plans to expand it to feature various entertainment options for children up to age 14 years. The Botanic Garden is another incredible destination that is a must visit where your children can learn and explore the only tropical garden in Singapore to receive the honour as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you thought that Bukit Timah is only a place for children to have fun, then you are wrong. The Horsecity has something for the residents of Dunearn 386 Condo and the entire Bukit Timah to enjoy. Visit this place with your kids and enjoy riding and feeding the horses.

Why Properties in Core Central Region (Where Dunearn 386 is) Are A Better Investment

According to URA even with the decline in residential prices in the Singapore’s property market, popular core central region continues to enjoy the rise in prices. You might be wondering as an investor if this is the right time to invest in CCR. Well, yes, these region offers you high yields which are unmatched with the returns from properties in other areas.

Here are some of the main reasons you should invest in CCR:

Dunearn 386 location, Dunearn 386 Location Map
  • Limited Supply of Freehold Property

Currently, Singapore is experiencing a shortage of freehold properties. Considering that the Core Central Region is more prominent than any other part of Singapore, it means that there is high anticipation for their prices to rise. If you invest in this region, then you stand to enjoy when the price increase.

  • Land Scarcity

The limited supply of land has also resulted in high land bids which in turn affects capital gains and the future prices of properties in the area. Due to the shortage of land, the collective sales have been on the rise with prices of properties in CCR on the lead. Since nothing indicates that the prices could decline soon, you will befit a lot by buying a property in this region.

  • High New Sales

The new sales of properties in the CCR are likely to influence the future prices. According to URA, the transactions from unit sales have been consistently on the rise. In fact, homes with a price mark of S$5 million have been up ever since 2014. This is because the properties are not limited to local buyers, buyers from other countries are welcomed as well. Investing in the CCR puts you at a suitable position to befit from the future rise in prices of properties.

Benefits That Dunearn 386 Condo Residents Will Enjoy from The URA Master Plan Transformations Around Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah is strategically located enabling the future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo to access major parts of Singapore conveniently. Furthermore, it is close to several amenities and facilities which makes a living in this part of Singapore more comfortable. The plenty redevelopments scheduled under the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) will see the transformation of the entire Bukit Timah area bringing the essential facilities while improving infrastructures for the benefits if Singaporeans. Once the projects are completed, Bukit Timah will be unmatched with other residential areas especially due to the projected enhancement of transportation system.

The URA Master Plan will see the rise of various facilities in Bukit Timah including shopping points, schools, sporting facilities and healthcare facilities to cater for the needs of the future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo and Bukit Timah at large. The facilities will not only provide for the needs of Singaporeans; they will be conveniently located to allow easy access. This is why you need to consider Dunearn 386 Condo if you are looking for the perfect place to call your home with an enabling environment!

Here are some of the growth areas under the URA Master Plan set to benefit the future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo:

Dunearn 386 Master Plan, Dunearn 386 Review
  1. Quality Housing Across Bukit Timah

Although Bukit Timah offers a variety of private and public housing options providing a home to a large population, The URA Master Plan lays strategies that will improve the living conditions of the future residents of Bukit Timah. The program will enhance the quality of life in Bukit Timah, and the future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo will benefit a lot from this move. There will be improvements in the healthcare facilities, schools, recreational spaces, shops and parks in the area to reflect modern living conditions.

So, if you are looking for the best place to stay in Singapore, then you won’t regret buying a unit at Dunearn 386 Condo in Bukit Timah. The URA Master Plan will see the development of various housing options featuring landed homes and Condos that will add to the remarkable number of the units in Bukit Timah. The redevelopment will not only elevate the living standards of the residents it will also make your investment valuable making it a perfect choice.

  1. Provision of Amenities for All

The existing amenities in Bukit Timah area will continue to be upgraded as new services and facilities are introduced with growth in housing units. Apart from the wide range of lifestyle programs, future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo and Bukit Timah can look forward to new shopping points and Healthcare facilities to serve them better.

Additionally, the new mixed-use developments along transport nodes like bus interchanges and MRT Stations will provide residents of Bukit Timah wide retail, entertainment and F$B options. The new developments will also feature convenience kiosks, shop clusters, and child care facilities to meet the daily needs of residents of Dunearn 386 Condo and other residents of Bukit Timah region. The upcoming medical care and health facilities have also been well situated to serve the residents in solving their healthcare issues.

Future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo will also benefit from the upcoming recreational facilities in Bukit Timah which will provide them with a place to exercise. Some of the development projects in the region include the Rail Corridor, upgrade of Maple Lane to a Linear Park, improvement of Bukit Timah 1st Diversion Canal and Tyersall Learning Forest. These incredible destinations will offer a serene environment where you can visit and spend quality time with your friends or family.

  1. Enhanced Transport System

There are various upcoming MRT Stations under the URA Master Plan that will make commuting in the region more comfortable once completed. The development of Napier MRT Station and Sevens MRT station situated along the Thomson is set to be completed by 2021 and will enable easy access to various parts of Bukit Timah and Singapore. Stevens Station will serve as an interchange with DTL2. There are also various upgrade programmes of Ulu Pandan, Clementi Road and Pan Island Expressways to enhance transportation in this part of Singapore.

With several improvements in the transport sector in this area, residents of Dunearn 386 Condo will benefit a lot from the good connection to essential amenities and facilities such as hospitals and schools. Furthermore, the future residents of Dunearn 386 Condo will have an easy time commuting to work using the public means since plenty bus services are connecting the area. Even if you own a car, you will enjoy the smooth rides that the major roads in Bukit Timah offer.

The URA Master Plan is set to benefit Bukit Timah in various ways making life in this area satisfying, and its future residents will be contented with the relaxed environment that this place offers. From convenience to easy accessibility to anything you need during your stay in this region, the quality of life is going to improve. Buying a unit at Dunearn 386 means that you will provide the best environment for your children to grow as you enjoy the goodies that Bukit Timah offers.

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